"You get a new perspective from the sky."


Drone Insight

was started in early 2018. We have experienced how technology has improved exponentially over the past few years. Now more than ever we realise the need for drone solutions done the right way to keep the airways safe given the fast pace of the growing drone industry! There are many drone solutions on the market for various business needs and we are eager to explore the various options available to suit your specific requirements.

Being community oriented is a necessity living in South Africa. We believe in being there for each other when it counts the most. Getting involved in community night patrols, being a first responder or helping fight bush fires fuelled our motivation to start

Drone Insight


Licenced Drone Operator

3rd Party Liability insurance

Qualified Drone


Drone Insight - Security Surveillance

Security Surveillance

  • Surveillance In affiliation with an accredited Security organisation
Drone Insight - Asset Management

Asset Management

  • Livestock counts
  • Property inspections: buildings or chimney’s to ascertain defects
  • Construction Progress Reports
Drone Insight - Emergency Response

Emergency Response

  • Environmental impact: oil spills, deforestation etc.
  • Disaster Management
  • Assist in monitoring unrest situations

Infrastructure Inspections


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If I am the owner of a


surely I can fly my drone any time and anywhere!


When you purchased your drone, you should have been told about the South African


regulations for private use.

“No RPA shall be sold within the Republic unless the seller has, by way of a packaging label, or in the case of the resale thereof, by way of written notification, notified the buyer of the requirements as prescribed in Document SACATS 101.”

I can fly my


in my own back yard surely!


If you can meet these requirements:

  • You are the property owner or have permission from the property owner
  • You are not in controlled airspace, restricted airspace, or prohibited airspace
  • You don’t fly closer than 50m to people without their consent and the necessary safety measures have been put in place
  • You don’t fly closer than 50m from another property without that property owner’s consent and the necessary safety measures have been put in place
  • In daylight conditions and have clear unobstructed sight (R-VLOS)
  • Limited to fly 500m of the remote pilot and below the height of the highest obstacle within 300m of the drone, which the remote pilot maintains direct unaided visual contact with the drone to manage its flight and meet separation and collision avoidance responsibilities.
  • It is a private operation and is not for commercial outcome, interest, or gain.

Where do I get the South African rules regarding flying drones?